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International Wedding - Sri Lanka

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Destination Weddings

Select Sri lanka as Your Destination Wedding

  • Most of the people prefer Sri lanka because of its Affordability. From the currency, to cheaper flights taking you to the cities of Columbo and Kandy and the affordable stays.
  • Sri Lanka is known for its versatility as it offers a wide variety to choose from. You can choose to silently floating a hot-air balloon, or a do jungle themed wedding, or go for sandy beach wedding with an elephant, or on glide along the river in a beautiful boat, or even better do a little private island wedding, or a tea plantation wedding, or do even a private ceremony in an old church in the hill country
  • This place offers opportunities for your guests to be entertained like going for parasailing, bungee jumping , Cultural festivals, gastronomical experiences, wildlife safaris, night safaris thrill everyone who visits this place.

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