Blushed cheeks, butterflies in your stomach and you’re on cloud nine: You only get married once, so let’s do it right. We all know that planning a wedding is definitely exciting and fun, but there are still some not so fun moments involved.

However, don’t fret, the B&B team is here at your rescue. Here’s a list of situations that you should be prepared for, but with us you won’t have to really worry about them.

1. Expectation

My budget is sacrosanct, I’m super organized and definitely going to stick to my budget.
Reality: Gift hampers, Giveaways and hang-over kits are customized and leave a hole in your pocket. What’s more, your favorite decorator is super booked and is charging a premium to decorate your dream wedding.
Our Solution: We buy in bulk and get you discounted deals. As for the decorator, our industry relations are something we pride ourselves on.


2. Expectation

I’m a decision-maker and know when to take charge.
Reality: Themes, Outfits, accessories, cards, center pieces: all come in numerous colors, styles and prices. Your dream wedding is a blur and you are a confused mess.
Our Solution: We understand your needs, choices and specifications in our initial interactions and curate a customized mix, best suited for your style.


3. Expectation

My caterer is a family-friend, the make-up artist is my sister and they are definitely the vendors for my wedding.
Reality: It’s wedding season and your caterer family-friend/Make-artist sister is apologetically or unapologetically out for a destination wedding.
Our Solution: We have lots to offer from our curated list of vendors. We know your style & budget, and are two steps ahead of you when it comes to finding the perfect substitute.


4. Expectation

I’m super organized, I have a checklist for everything- the reception cake, champagne and the varmalla.
Reality: You are anxious and busy taking care of the guests. You totally forgot about the cake delivery. Every ceremony is tiring in the run-up to the other ceremony.
Our Solution: Our agile team of experts are constantly at your service. We make sure you have fun, enjoy all cuisines and definitely groove to the dance numbers.


5. Expectation

I’ll just design my own thank you cards, choreograph all the dances and coordinate with all family-members.
Reality: You are so busy getting alterations done that you decided to go without the thank-you cards and never really got down to coordinate with the family members, let alone prepare for the dance performance.
Our Solution: We will handle it. PERIOD.
We understand that planning a wedding is personal and close to your heart. We acknowledge it’s an extremely beautiful process.
So, with our love for weddings and our dedication to make it remarkable, we will you to give us a shot.
You won’t regret it 😉