If you want to plan a backyard budget wedding where only your family members and close friends will come, then you have to decide on a few things. You can hire wedding planners in Delhi and let them take care of all the logistics, but if you want to do it on your own, then carefully check this article for some important tips.


Capturing the amazing moments of your wedding ceremony is extremely important. However, if you are on a tight budget, then instead of hiring one of the top wedding photographers in your city, you can give this job to your local photographer at a very economical price. Being a professional and with good professional gear, the local photographer will be able to do a much better job compared to your friends on their smartphones. However, before you hire the photographer, you must check their past work to find how good they are with their equipment.

Your Attire

Wedding attire cost several lakhs of rupees (if you have selected the dress from a major designer). However, for your budget wedding, we suggest that you should look for your attire from the local designers who would be more susceptible to a price reduction if you bargain properly. However, while trying to find a good bargain, don’t compromise on the quality. Some stores also offer bridal dresses at a rent. You can go there and choose your pick of bridal dress from top designers and at very good prices which you then return after the wedding.


To keep the prices of flowers down, you must go to your nearest wholesale flower market and buy the seasonal flowers in bulk to get a heavy discount. If you try to use exotic flowers or flowers which are not in season, then be ready to pay the extra buck for it.

Seating arrangement

For a good seating arrangement, you would need a lot of chairs and tables which you can easily get if you hire the services of a reputable wedding decorator in Delhi. Here also we suggest that you should choose your local decorator so that you can negotiate the price quite aggressively and bring it to the level of your budget. Make sure the seating arrangement is done in such a way that it fulfills all the government norms of social distancing.

The Mandap

Here you can take the suggestion of the decorator to build a cute looking Mandap where the actual religious ceremony associated with solemnizing your marriage will take place. You can use beautiful flowers, and bright coloured fabrics to design the Mandap.

These are just some of the points that you have to keep in mind when you are trying to organise a backyard budget wedding.