Do you want to pitch in yourself instead of completely depending on wedding event decorators and planners to make your wedding a grand success? It is true that even if you hire one of the best wedding planners in Delhi NCR you may not feel as satisfied as you will otherwise if you stay involved in the process of organising your marriage ceremony. However, when you take part in such a massive exercise it can put a lot of physical and mental pressure on you which you have to take into account and follow some health and wellness tips to keep yourself healthy and glowing.

Practice meditation

As a bride/groom when you are fine-tuning the planning of your marriage ceremony, then certain times you may feel anxious and overwhelmed. Therefore, it will help you a great deal if you regularly practice meditation to keep your mind at peace even when so much pressure is on your shoulder. You will find that the deep conscious breathing you do during the meditation process creates a relaxation response from your nervous system.

Eat healthily

As you will be feeling a lot of stress in this period you must make a balanced diet chart with the help of your nutritionist and follow it rigorously. You must have a good number of fruits and vegetables in your food so that you get the necessary number of vitamins and minerals for your body to stay healthy and cope wonderfully with any added stress in your life.

Stay hydrated

You may have heard that the maximum portion of our body is made up of water (around 60%!). Therefore, you must stay hydrated which will not only makes you look younger but also help in other important functions of the body like transportation of nutrients, maintaining the body temperature, digestion as well as regulating brain activity.

Regular exercise and sleep

You must regularly exercise to reduce the anxiety and stress level and keep your muscles toned. Regular exercise helps in improving the flexibility of your body and gives you a good posture. You must also regularly sleep for 7 to 8 hours to help your body repair itself and let your muscles and nerves relax.