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Affordable Wedding Decorations

There’s nothing wrong with actually being inexpensive and looking amazing. Weddings come with a high price tag, but there are ways to cut corners and still have your celebration feel special for you and your guests.


What Exactly Event Planners Do?

  • It’s an event planner’s job to ensure related to an event is taken care of, from idea conception to programming, day to day logistics and decoration is everything taken care by an event planner.
  • They often choose meeting locations, arrange transportation and co-ordination is the main aspect to be taken care in the organasing. Liaising and contracting with venues, booking vendors for catering, equipment, flowers, etc. overseeing all logistics, including travel and scheduling, and on some occasions managing and confirming attendance. Of course,nearly always have to work within a specified budget.
  • On the day of an event, their job is to ensure everything runs smoothly, right up until the last guest leaves and the lights go out. They typically are hands-on, ensuring equipment is set up, handling every last-minute crisis that pops up and putting the finishing touches on everything.
  • It’s not about the Top India Event Planner, event planner is required to be passionate about the event he/she organizes. They are required to be calm and handle the every situation.
  • Apart from the proceedings of the ceremonies, Event planner organizes DJ party, Entertainment related activities. Apart from this, event planners propose ideas to improve the provided service and event quality.

How Do You Plan A Destination Wedding?

Best Destination Wedding Planners in Delhi

One always dream about their marriage, but few things need to be checked before the big day!!Luckily we The Bells & Bells, Professional wedding planners in Delhi, put together the check list before your big day comes.

  • Budget, that’s the most important part of the wedding because everything would be directly related to it.
  • Guest List, majorly the budget of the wedding is affected because of it so choose your guest list properly.
  • Decide on a City/Country/Region you are planning to do your destination wedding.
  • You need to check the weather of the day of marriage, so that it doesn’t spoil your big day.
  • While making bookings you must cross check all the details more than one time, because with such a big guest list, blunders are meant to be happen.

How Do You Plan A Wedding As A Wedding Planner?

Wedding planner proposes the help needed and presents the couple with a contract for wedding planning services. Probably the services will be a combination of duties, depending on your needs and budget.

Initially the wedding planner has to

  • Understand the events
  • Review the overall budget
  • Understand the style, colours, vibe, and taste of the couple

After going through and analysing the aspects of the mentioned above the wedding planner has to:

  • Create and review vendor contracts
  • Organize your wedding day timeline
  • Coordinate vendor arrivals and deliveries with your venues
  • Prevent expensive mistakes
  • Coordinate with the florist, caterer, printers, invitation companies and any other aesthetic vendors

In addition to it as a wedding planner you have to make sure that on the day of the wedding you:

  • Coordinate with your team and review the arrangements
  • Ensure that everything happens on time and at the right place
  • Tackling and solving last minute problems and making sure that your work is up to the mark

Wedding Planning Expectations vs. Reality

Blushed cheeks, butterflies in your stomach and you’re on cloud nine: You only get married once, so let’s do it right. We all know that planning a wedding is definitely exciting and fun, but there are still some not so fun moments involved.


7 Essential Skincare Tips for the Bride-To-Be

The Big Day- The day you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl- his eyes on you, your friends want to get a picture with you, dance with you; they’re all gushing over your dress and your hair!

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